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more fish notes [Dec. 18th, 2006|05:05 pm]
--the first skit is incomprehensible. ghost is raggin on his first cousin at a new year's party as the clock turns over to 2007. the cousin, the same dude who does the afflac! part of the initial skit on pretty toney, apparently broke two little toes to start out 2006. and ghost thinks this is funny, but also the cousin got peanut butter on his toes? and why'd he have peanut butter on his toes? because this one n-worda told him to? but then he put his foot up the n-worda's ass and broke his toes? because he made him put peanut butter on his toes? i don't get it.

--sun god is ghost's 17-year-old son. he reminisces about listening to 50 back in the day, meaning 2002 i guess. (that's back in the day for a 17-year-old now, old people.) (actually WAYYY BACK in 1999 fitttty mentioned ghost & rae on his first lil single "how to rob", and then ghost responded by siccing "clyde smith" on 50 on supreme clientele, thus helping 50 build his rep). also, on fishscale sun god mentions running a train on a lady on "family business." then on "street opera," which also features sun god, ghost mentions doing a train on a lady. this suggests to me that ghost and his sun have performed a train on a lady, or at least thought about it a whole lot. rhat's nasty!

--this murderer, an illegal alien from columbia, name of alex, wrote the screenplay for the movie ray, but someone stole his idea. i think, he was at a meeting with a studio guy at a pf chang's in LA, and then he had to pee (which felt so good it was like he ejaculated), but this studio dude disappeared on hiM! with the script i guess! i like that story.

--redman shows up, and YOU ALWAYS LOVE IT even though it's stupid. remember that line about sonny bono's untimely skiiing death on the love movement? (best believe i go thru more trees than sonny!) HAHAHAHA then there was that whole movie, how high, where they smoked the exhumed corpse of john quincy adams (long story) aND GOT A bucnh of harvard fucks high. HAHHAHAAH this time he's trying to convince us that he's still got some of the money he made off that method & red sitcom (on fox!), i think four episodes aired. HAHHAHAHA

--i love shawn wigs (alternately wiggs), he's white and he's not the best rapper, but he tries hard. plus he's great at poker. he gets emotional sometimes. on "hold on" apparently his boo left him with two kids like he's mister mom (loL!). the male vocalist is really emotional too, embarrassing but i love the song.

[User Picture]From: trvr
2006-12-19 06:04 pm (UTC)


they don't call him wiggs cuz he wears a rug up top
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