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yoga journey = THE SAGA CONTINUES [Dec. 1st, 2006|02:26 pm]
ok now it's december and i no longer have FREE membership to the hottest yoga place in greenpoint (i think it's the only, therefore the hottest = trew). but that month of november... goddamn did i make some progreess! yessah! we're talking headstands, forearm stands, and my full bridge has been described as "Beautiful, trevor" in that kindergarten teacher voice that yoga "teach"es use. (HERBAL TEA AND COOKIES AFTER CLASS< BABIES!!) i get the point of downward dog now, i think, and that really happened only a few days ago.

now i have to pay! it's ok! totally worht it. but is it going to be awkward if i miss the TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY happening tonite? the corner yoga shop is now TWO years old! there will be dancing, and also children! people are invited to bring musical instruments, and also dinks! ugh. i can't gooo!! it's one of thoese things, i will say hi to the two teachers i actually utilize, and hope that maybe one of the two dudes with whom i've shared "hey man" relationships will be there. and make a few circles around the place and get a drink. that's ten minutes. then i'll be DYING to go but who shows up for ten minutes to a PARTY??

UGH! awkward city. i can't believe i used to be an advocate of awkwardness, like it's this thing that's hialrious when it pops up on a sophomore year date to go see u-turn with some chick who stares at you weirdly and later has sleepovers with all of east quad when she lives with neil jenny lisa adn ed. i never kissed her! i just couldn't do it. it would have been a LIE. like going to this yoga party! ok i can't go. i'll just bring money next time for a real monthly membership.


From: mcscamps
2006-12-05 04:14 am (UTC)
oh trewwie. Genius? Genius.
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