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this place is for losers [Apr. 21st, 2008|08:11 am]
Live journal, More like dead journal am i right?
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i got my internets cookin [May. 7th, 2007|05:56 pm]
flickr TIME peoples:


if you're not in there, don't worry, i'm not even through 2004. maybe a real balogg coming soon!
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r&b crimes [Mar. 1st, 2007|05:17 pm]
AP headlien: "Judge gives rapper Foxy Brown 1 more chance" hmm, maybe the writer got her confused with faith evans or mary j? i just wikipedia'd that song (note: wikipedia is AWESOME for top forty crap, all the way back to the oldies) and realized she never worked with biggie.

ah. i got nothing, people. NOTHING. been transcribing all day.

my favorite news story recently, however, is how lou rawls jr. sued marvin gaye the III for like, releasing the hounds while they were chillin at marvin trey's house.

In January, 2005, "the said four large dogs attacked, bit, clawed, and physically and mentally injured the person of the Plaintiff, Lou Rawls, Jr."

According to the suit, Rawls was visiting (Gaye's) property at the time of the alleged attack. The suit claims Rawls suffered "pain, injury, loss of blood, tearing of flesh, multiple dog bite wounds, fear of disease and other and further great and considerable harm, damage, injury and loss."

i can see how this might happen. you're like, oh cool, his dad was a successful r&b singer who's dead, just like my dad. i'm sure we have a lot in common. so because of that you just forget to do the usual "is this person absolutely crazy" before you visit their house. it's understandable, but come on, lou-joo, his grandfather was a murderer, everbody knows that, so he's got the murderer gene that usually skips a generation.
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at least they know what i want, cuz i sure don't [Jan. 3rd, 2007|03:22 pm]
in unrelated news, the local subway restaurant knows my order. 6 inch veggie delite on wheat avec le fromage provolone. i don't know how i feel about this. there are benefits to becoming a regular at a business or two in new york -- maybe at your local bar, or bodega. of course, i've realized none of that in my six years here. i mix up my routine too much.

but now, the subway restaurant? on 14th st.? next to the pornography store? yeah, that one i just didn't need.
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AN AMAZING START [Jan. 3rd, 2007|01:17 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

i started 2007 without a TOTAL hangover, amazingly. i had a loottt of whiskey on new year's eve but before that ate fish at doothy's with 18 other lozers! SO MANY PEOPLE thanks dooth. then new year's day dooth and i whiled away the hours in half-braindead bliss in various cafes and such.

we were trying to make plans with eliza/toshi/ann/jared, and eliza rang my phone while we were in the mediocre diner on manhattan ave. just as it rings and i pick it up, this crazy lady next table over starts SCREAMING into my ear: THAT"S MY RINGTONE! GOMGOMGOMG

so naturally i can't hear eliza. dear sane readers, if there are any out there, in which circumstances would you start screaming at someone who has just answered their phone? maybe if, i don't know, a safe were about to drop on their head? something like that.

BUT this was just after reading my horoscope for the new year, which said something about being open to TRUE LOVE coming and tapping us on the shoulder (by "us" i mean LEOs, GABE!) SO AMYBE THIS WOMAN WAS MY TRUE CRAZY LOVE. AFTER ALL I LOVE CRAZIES. I CAN TOTALLY HANG WIHT THEM! gahhhh, only a few hours into the new year, i blow my chance at true love. (there's always ghostface's wise recent statement of "i'm all about paper this year," which i adopted as my initial resolution. so i guess it's go for the cash, but watch out for true love while you're scanning the ground for quarters. it helps that i'm a foot fetishist - BUH DUM CHING!!!)

then yesterday and today, well my tales of undercaffeination are too numerous already so we'll leave it at that. first real accomplishment of the new years: CLEAN KITCH FLOOR
second: EYE APPT satruday!
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more fish notes [Dec. 18th, 2006|05:05 pm]
--the first skit is incomprehensible. ghost is raggin on his first cousin at a new year's party as the clock turns over to 2007. the cousin, the same dude who does the afflac! part of the initial skit on pretty toney, apparently broke two little toes to start out 2006. and ghost thinks this is funny, but also the cousin got peanut butter on his toes? and why'd he have peanut butter on his toes? because this one n-worda told him to? but then he put his foot up the n-worda's ass and broke his toes? because he made him put peanut butter on his toes? i don't get it.

--sun god is ghost's 17-year-old son. he reminisces about listening to 50 back in the day, meaning 2002 i guess. (that's back in the day for a 17-year-old now, old people.) (actually WAYYY BACK in 1999 fitttty mentioned ghost & rae on his first lil single "how to rob", and then ghost responded by siccing "clyde smith" on 50 on supreme clientele, thus helping 50 build his rep). also, on fishscale sun god mentions running a train on a lady on "family business." then on "street opera," which also features sun god, ghost mentions doing a train on a lady. this suggests to me that ghost and his sun have performed a train on a lady, or at least thought about it a whole lot. rhat's nasty!

--this murderer, an illegal alien from columbia, name of alex, wrote the screenplay for the movie ray, but someone stole his idea. i think, he was at a meeting with a studio guy at a pf chang's in LA, and then he had to pee (which felt so good it was like he ejaculated), but this studio dude disappeared on hiM! with the script i guess! i like that story.

--redman shows up, and YOU ALWAYS LOVE IT even though it's stupid. remember that line about sonny bono's untimely skiiing death on the love movement? (best believe i go thru more trees than sonny!) HAHAHAHA then there was that whole movie, how high, where they smoked the exhumed corpse of john quincy adams (long story) aND GOT A bucnh of harvard fucks high. HAHHAHAAH this time he's trying to convince us that he's still got some of the money he made off that method & red sitcom (on fox!), i think four episodes aired. HAHHAHAHA

--i love shawn wigs (alternately wiggs), he's white and he's not the best rapper, but he tries hard. plus he's great at poker. he gets emotional sometimes. on "hold on" apparently his boo left him with two kids like he's mister mom (loL!). the male vocalist is really emotional too, embarrassing but i love the song.
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sutras make for slow reading [Dec. 6th, 2006|03:24 pm]
hey pallies

a couple comments about the work bathroom without getting too gross. i have been here for many years so i am an expert on the anthropologie of the men's restroom

1. best time to go in there to set down is after 10:30am. by then there's reading material in the handicapped stall. wall street journal (the editorial page is HILARIOUS, in tone it reminds me of those old maoist newsletters back in college), times sports section (always a good read), or best ever: the POST.

2. it's ok ALWAYS to use the handicapped stall with no feelings of guilt, because there's only one handicapped guy on the floor and he never uses it. IT"S COOL MAN. he'll pick the non-hcapped one closest to the door if all three stalls are open, i've made sure of this.

3. if you see the same guy in there twice in one morning, he will say "looks like we're on the same schedule!"

4. sometimes i leave my NEILGENE bottle in the bathroom, oops. good thing i'm not germophobic!!

5. AFTER 6:30 you have to deal with the cleaning lady. but just go into a stall and shut the door, it's all good.

6. there's only one urinal, which i love because it means NO URINAL CONVO. i'm slightly pee-shy but not too bad - ONLY IF YOU TRY TO TALK TO ME

OK enough grawssness for one day.
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yoga journey = THE SAGA CONTINUES [Dec. 1st, 2006|02:26 pm]
ok now it's december and i no longer have FREE membership to the hottest yoga place in greenpoint (i think it's the only, therefore the hottest = trew). but that month of november... goddamn did i make some progreess! yessah! we're talking headstands, forearm stands, and my full bridge has been described as "Beautiful, trevor" in that kindergarten teacher voice that yoga "teach"es use. (HERBAL TEA AND COOKIES AFTER CLASS< BABIES!!) i get the point of downward dog now, i think, and that really happened only a few days ago.

now i have to pay! it's ok! totally worht it. but is it going to be awkward if i miss the TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY happening tonite? the corner yoga shop is now TWO years old! there will be dancing, and also children! people are invited to bring musical instruments, and also dinks! ugh. i can't gooo!! it's one of thoese things, i will say hi to the two teachers i actually utilize, and hope that maybe one of the two dudes with whom i've shared "hey man" relationships will be there. and make a few circles around the place and get a drink. that's ten minutes. then i'll be DYING to go but who shows up for ten minutes to a PARTY??

UGH! awkward city. i can't believe i used to be an advocate of awkwardness, like it's this thing that's hialrious when it pops up on a sophomore year date to go see u-turn with some chick who stares at you weirdly and later has sleepovers with all of east quad when she lives with neil jenny lisa adn ed. i never kissed her! i just couldn't do it. it would have been a LIE. like going to this yoga party! ok i can't go. i'll just bring money next time for a real monthly membership.

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i'll be my mirror [Nov. 30th, 2006|05:14 pm]
people would be surprised to learn exactly how vain i am. or maybe they wouldn't be. i'm not one to judge that. you people are! ...some to judge that. anyway, illustrating this point: i have spent countless minutes (51 if i were to take a stab) hemming and hawing about this one sportcoat i bought. taking it on and off. putting it over baggier shirts. tighter shirts. looser/tighter pants. over hoodies. i just can't figure out if i can pull it off.

that's the main thing about fashion, after all. trends don't matter, "rules" don't matter. all that matters is whether you personally can pull off a certain look. does it look good on you? and do you believe in it?

this jacket i'm talking about, it is a jem. we're talkin yves saint-laurent, classic blue blazer with jaunty shoulders. two buttons. it looks beautiful. and i have a solid navy yves saint-laurent tie that matches it perrrrfectly. it's unreal.

the only thing? the blazer kinda sorta doesn't fit. maybe. i don't know. it's hard to tell. which is why it's slowly turning me into even more of a girl than i am already. it's a tiny too big in the shoulders and a tiny too big in the waist. a pinch too long in the sleeves, but that's easily amendable as it's already been let out a bit.

but i wore it today. i thought, got some meetings, it's nice out, so no overcoat required: gonna look good. and i do. i think. but i can't help but vacillate on it. i mean, this coat is so quality (considering the $36 i dropped on it at beacon's closet) that it should look AMAZING. i should be amassing a trail of ladies like the pied fucking piper. but no, i vacillate. one second i'm absolutely slaying some lucky someone who's checking out the goods, the next i'm recoiling from a mirror on display at a frame store. it makes me look like i'm playing in my dad's sportcoat! i'm skinny enough as it is! no, nuh-uh, i look good!! this look is SO QUALITY. ahh. maybe i should just give it up to the younger, slightly bigger brother for xmas. but more vacillation: MAYBE I SHOULD JUST GET BIGGER AROUDN THE SHOULDERS ANd BUILd uP MY ABS A BIT>> YES!!! i am already on that route. (KINDA!!)

AHHHH now i'm the equivalent of a lady buying something too small in the hopes that she'll stick to her diet. i tell ya, YSL, you'll be the death of my remaining masculinity.
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Youtube - I"M GONNA FART [Nov. 21st, 2006|04:21 pm]
detritus from a dudes' weekend. watch at yr own risks.
sweeet, sweet brian the ballnutt aka dj jumbo shrimp.

tyvek yes, passout records instore fun.

there's better songs but i need to through the tape and pick em. still this one's good. i like what happnes at the end with the guitar hands.

More in-store news (maybe in-stores are the best shows ever?): TK WEBB RULEZ i like that band, saw em last night. OTHER MUSIC INSTORES YES. jared is in Tk webb's band. (hey ann!)
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